for the free flow of life force 

Vitality is the flow of life force that is present everywhere. This flow unclogs the past; helps to release what is out-of-date in our life; this way provides space and strength to fulfil the future. With this process, vitality brings forth contentment in the present. – Vitality Therapy can assist you in this way and helps to achieve and enjoy contentment.


With Vitality Therapy I support and help my guests. Their body tired of the daily struggles can again recharge with new energy and can have a better rest. During the treatments, I aim to dissolve tension present in the body and also help towards an easier relaxation and better functioning of each part and the whole organism as a unit. As a result of this process, a pleasant, cheerful well-being develops.


I support more and more people finding, exploring and starting to use their individual source of life force.

I consider it essential everybody should access the knowledge which can assist him/her to sustain his/her own vitality and the upkeeping of his/her own health. It’s part of this knowledge by which we learn about and fully discover the various sources of life energy and how it assists us. Then we can consciously use this energy and have it available at all times – after all, this is our renewable resource.


I hope to meet you soon personally!


Andrea Gurubi  (NIVO KKT)

By Vitality I mean a peaceful, balanced, dynamic, stable, flexible, aligned, tuned and harmonic being that is present at various levels in our life – the organs with each other; the organism with the outside world; the individual with the community; the body with the soul are all in continous interaction.

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