Drinking spa water in Budapest

31 Aug 2016

For a while now, I’ve been drinking and enjoying the beneficial effects of spa water from Szechenyi Bath. I.e.: I digest heavy meals easier; I am in general more lively and energetic;  I don’t crave after coffee in the afternoon and still I don’t feel droopy without it.

All in all, I can highly recommend it to all of you!


It’s beneficial for several digestive problems (supports liver and bile functions, chronic gastric-, or intestine- catarrh, too much acid production…etc.) and can be helpful in preventing osteoporosis and other diseases.


The odour, well it has a bit of a smell …., but only when it’s fresh and warm, when I buy it. At home I leave the can open and the scent disappears by the next day. From there on it has no taste, no smell. It’s a pleasant, soft water – I like it, and somehow it’s easy to drink. 
By the way, it’s cheaper than many mineral water in the shops!


The water can be obtained at the drinking fountain close to the bath building (by Kós Károly Road).
What is even better, from the water fountain at Dagaly Bath you can take the water for free! It has similar beneficial effects.
In Rudas Bath they have 3 different water with different medical effects.
Here is a short summary with suggested quantities:http://www.spasbudapest.com/drinking-fountains?lang=en

For your health and wealth! – Egészségedre! – as we say it in Hungarian

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January 4, 2016

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